Eden Hazard admits he would ‘be on a much higher…

Eden Hazard admits he would ‘be on a much higher level’ if he had the vision of Chelsea team-mate Cesc Fabregas:

‘I have had the chance to play with (Cesc) Fabregas and I can say that he has the best game vision in the world,’ Hazard said. ‘He does not run fast, technically he does not make gestures. But he has that thing, and he has it since he was born. If I have his vision of the game, I’d be there… (placing his hand over his head.) I’d be on a much higher level. The guy takes the ball, does not even look and puts it right where he wants to just behind the defender. And behind, the guy will score. I say to myself: “But how did he see that?” Sometimes, in the team, between us, we say to ourselves: “But why is he doing that?” And, in the end, the pass is magnificent.’

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