Conte on Musonda Jr’s Situation

“I spoke with him and I think Charly understood his
mistake. Honestly, I think he has to continue to work very hard to
improve himself on the physical aspect and on the tactical aspect, but
he is working very well.”

"He must continue to work in the way that he is and to be
focused on the pitch and not on social media, because social media is
not the most important thing for his career. I told him this and my task
is to help him always find the right way, not the wrong way.”

"Honestly I think, above all with young players, it is
very important to speak with them and to try to explain which is the
right way. I did this. I am sure that he understood and I don’t see a
problem with him.”

"I think of the expression ‘we must be focused on the
present’. The only things I can tell for sure are that he is a talented
player and I see him very well. He is a really good prospect, to become
an important player for Chelsea. I am sure about this. He has to
continue to work in this way and for sure the opportunity will come.”

"Charly could have a good opportunity this season to play
because we only have three No.10s: Hazard, Willian and Pedro. Usually
two No. 10s play, so this season could be good for him to show that he
deserves to play.”

-Antonio Conte; Source: Sky Sports