Chelsea va P*lace highlights:

  • What and where would we be without Willian and Eden
  • Giroud or Morata, doesnt matter who u choose you’ll get the same result out of them which is… no result
  • They try tho
  • Alonso starting fights bc someone hit Andreas (same)
  • Our first win with Cahill playing
  • Ever
  • No jk but good game at some points Gazza good headers (i guess whatever)
  • Morata punching the flag out of the ref’s hands bc he was looking for that hattrick receiving yellow card consecutive games
  • Eden was subbed off and is already on his way to Spain
  • (For the barca game)
  • Hope he doesnt get “lost” in madrid
  • Chelsea is the pride of London
  • Happy birthday Chelsea FC we’re still a mess but a mess who got 3 points!