Several Things

Courtois is not ‘World Class’

I’ve been saying this for a while, and I always
get grief for it. The hype behind him is mainly because he is part of Belgium’s
golden generation, because he plays for Chelsea and Chelsea win things, and
because Chelsea chose him over Petr Cech. I do hope that one day he proves me
wrong but right now he is bang average. He’s asking to be made the top earning
goal keeper IN THE WORLD, but I wouldn’t even rank him in the top six in the
Premier League. We tend to point fingers at our defenders for goals conceded but
Courtois’ form this entire season has been poor. You can go as far back as the
3-2 loss to Burnley in August.

You have to be patient with Alvaro Morata.

Like Conte said, this is the first full
season in his career. I know a lot of people are worried that we’ve signed
another Fernando Torres, but you have to give Morata time. For those who
remember, Didier Drogba was pretty poor during his first year with us as well.

Eden Hazard deserves to be in a better side.

This one speaks for itself. I’d hate to see
him leave, but the way things are at Chelsea currently I wouldn’t be surprised
if he did. This summer transfer window is very important for us as far as bringing
in players around whom Hazard can thrive.