“We lost a lot of old players that created a b…

“We lost a lot of old players that created a
basis for Chelsea for a long time. Now we are trying to build a
fundamental basis for this club and for this reason you have a lot of young
players. You lack experience when you play a game against a team like
Barcelona, because many players are playing for the first time in this
competition, and they need to have more time to improve their experience to
play at this level.”

“The important thing is to work very hard to try to improve the
players and the club. For sure, everyone wants to win something when you start
the season. I’m very satisfied for my job, for the work me and my staff are
doing and the players.”

“This season has confirmed one thing: that last season we did an
incredible achievement. We have to work, we have to try to improve and we have
to understand the way to improve eventually for next season, to be stronger,
and then to continue to work.”

-Antonio Conte; Source: Chelsea FC