yet again we’ll be left with a broken unmotivated team in the europa league, i 10000000 times rather suffer through a few years of no cl no pl title with an experienced coach and frank lampard on his side building!!!! an!!!! all!!! youngster!!!! team!!!! from our academy!!!!!!!! than these wannabe superstars who play whenever they feel like and dream about real madrid and world cup showing zero respect or passion. azpi, kante, willian and christensen (and eden if someone can kick some sense into him) that’s it. Build. A. Team. Around Them. save the youngsters from loan and bring them into the first team. BUILD  FUCKING TEAM. HAVE FUCKING PATIENCE. i rather suffer through a few years of losing week in and out with a promising FRESH, PASSIONATE, HUNGRY, LOYAL youngsters proudly wearing the blue shirt than watch this entire mess any second longer.