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Chelsea Football Club and Antonio Conte have p…

Chelsea Football Club and Antonio Conte have parted company.

During Antonio’s time at the club, we won our sixth league title and eighth FA Cup. In the title winning season, the club set a then-record 30 wins in a 38-game Premier League season, as well as a club-record 13 consecutive league victories.

We wish Antonio every success in his future career.



“We lost a lot of old players that created a b…

“We lost a lot of old players that created a
basis for Chelsea for a long time. Now we are trying to build a
fundamental basis for this club and for this reason you have a lot of young
players. You lack experience when you play a game against a team like
Barcelona, because many players are playing for the first time in this
competition, and they need to have more time to improve their experience to
play at this level.”

“The important thing is to work very hard to try to improve the
players and the club. For sure, everyone wants to win something when you start
the season. I’m very satisfied for my job, for the work me and my staff are
doing and the players.”

“This season has confirmed one thing: that last season we did an
incredible achievement. We have to work, we have to try to improve and we have
to understand the way to improve eventually for next season, to be stronger,
and then to continue to work.”

-Antonio Conte; Source: Chelsea FC

Antonio Conte will not be sacked by Roman Abra…

Antonio Conte will not be sacked by Roman Abramovich following the 4-1 aggregate loss to Barcelona, but is still set to leave Stamford Bridge in the summer (Goal).



Antonio Conte labelled the ‘big mistake’ that …

Antonio Conte labelled the ‘big mistake’ that saw Chelsea
fail to be awarded a penalty by the Video Assistant Referee as ‘unacceptable’
after his side overcame a scare in their FA Cup third-round replay against
Norwich City. Conte had been left furious when Willian was booked for diving in
the box before Pedro and Alvaro Morata were sent off in extra time.

Conte: ‘If we want to use a new system, I cannot accept a
big mistake. In this case, the Willian penalty was a big, big mistake. Not from
the referee on the pitch, but from the person watching the game (Mike Jones,
the VAR at Stockley Park). The situation was very clear. I watched it and this
is a penalty. Very clear. The referee took quickly a decision to book Willian.

‘That means you don’t have doubt. You must be sure, 100
per cent. And, despite this, there is another person checking the situation. ‘If
the person checking the situation calls you and says it’s a penalty, you say
you made a mistake, take back the yellow card and give the penalty.’

Antonio Conte said on Friday he was unable to …

Antonio Conte said on Friday he was unable to give any
guarantees over his future at Chelsea, adding that “everything is
possible” as speculation over his position at the club persists:

“I have another year of (my) contract with this
club. But as you know very well everything is possible. In one moment you stay
here, in another moment another person replaces you in your job. For the
manager of this club it’s normal to have this type of situation, also if you
won last season the league and you reached the final in the FA Cup. This is the
history of this club for the manager. I have a lot of experience to deal with
this type of situation. (But) there is something strange if, after the first
game we lost against Burnley, the press pushed quickly to sack me for another
coach. I think in other clubs this doesn’t happen.”

I think when you try to hurt a person, especia…

I think when you try to hurt a person, especially if you know very well the truth of what happens, the court proved my innocence, when you do this it means you are a little man. But this is the not the first time. He does this in the past and he continues to do this in the present. This is his way, it is no surprise. We all know him. Life will go on, I’m not worried about him.

Antonio Conte has said he will reject any move…

Antonio Conte has said he will reject any moves for his
Chelsea players this month without securing direct, quality replacements in the
transfer market. Conte’s fears over his limited squad size mean he believes it
would be ‘impossible’ to see any drop in numbers, even with interest in a
number of his players. 

Conte: ‘My expectation for all the players we have in the
squad, to stay here and to try to continue to work. Our squad is not big. For
this reason I think it’s impossible to send one player on loan or to sell one
player, if we don’t take another player.’

“Every day there is speculation about my futur…

“Every day
there is speculation about my future. It’s not right because I think I deserve
a bit of respect for what I did last season, for what I am doing this season.
To read every week: ‘Next season the club contacts this coach or this coach’ –
for me this is not a problem. But it can create problems with the players
because the players believe we could [drift] apart.

“I have another year on my contract, so in this moment my focus
is total, to improve my players, to try to improve the team, to try to improve
the club. If you understand a bit [about] football there is a moment you must
have great patience, to know that someone is working very well.”

-Antonio Conte; source: Telegraph